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False Positives

Many people can suffer from false positives when the metabolite of a certain molecule is SIMILAR enough that it will bind to the Enzyme in the urine test. Hence pseudoephedrine which is used in many decongestant remedies can register as an amphetamine positive.

There are more than 250 legal medications sold over the counter that can cause false positives. An extensive list is available for free at nodrugwar.org.

Many individuals try buying expensive drinks to beat urine tests. These do nothing to block the action of the urine test. They work by diluting your sample. If you carefully read the contents of these anti-urine test beverages you will find common ingredients.

With drinks, you are playing roulette hoping that you get under the detectable dosage for a positive. If you want to try this method; sodas, ice tea, coffee, milk, or water work just as well. 


The Tests

Many ask how the basic urine tests work. To put it simply: an enzyme is added to your urine sample that binds with the metabolites of any drugs that may be present. Note the reagent does not bind with the drug but with what is eliminated by your system after metabolism.

After a second reagent is added, a machine measures the activity in your sample. NuKlear blocks the binding mechanism resulting in a negative test. Please note that NuKlear is designed for the commonly used EMIT (basic urine test).

If you are being administered the instant drug screen or “dip stick” test use the powdered urine or the less reliable dilution method – more info on this at nodrugwar.org.