False Positives

drug testing strips

Know Your Rights

This happens for often than you would think. People who do not take illegal drugs have yielded false positives results after taking their urine test.

How does this happen? When the metabolite of a certain molecule is similar enough, it will bind to the enzyme in the urine test. Hence pseudoephedrine which is used in many decongestant remedies can register as an amphetamine positive.

Legal Medications

With more than 250 legal medications sold over the counter that can cause false positives, it is important that you are very thorough when filling out your drug test submission form. List EVERYTHING you have taken. Remember, these tests are right about half the time because of false positives. If you feel falsely accused, or want a redo, don't be afraid to ask. It is your right.

Learn a lot more about false positives courtesy of nodrugwar.org.

Tips For You

  • Never give your first urination of the day as it is the most concentrated.
  • If you dilute, take multi B-vitamins so your urine has a nice yellow color.