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2018: Year of the Deep Discount

Klear Co offers two proven products to help you pass your urine drug test. Our most popular product, NuKlear Atomic Cleanser, is easy to use and ensures negative test results on the basic urine test (EMIT).

If you are being administered the instant drug screen, GC/MS or ANY OTHER urine test, use our fail-proof Powdered Urine (see link below on right). Find more info on beating the urine test for free at nodrugwar.org.

As pioneers of the No Drug War movement, we have been providing quality products for 32 years. We are civil, social, and criminal justice advocates. We see a vanishing middle-class and we want to provide some relief where we can.

As a thank you to you, our loyal clients, we are offering up...

2018: The Year of the Deep Discount!

2 for 1 orders will be available year-round. Get four vials today (GOOD FOR FOUR TESTS) for $34.95!