Byrd Labs Powdered Urine

Byrd Labs Powdered Urine

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Powdered urine comes in a small tube and must be mixed with bottled water in a small pouch, which is included.

Typically the pouch, which holds about 3 ounces, is carried next to the skin so it will become body temperature and fall within the normal 90 to a 100-degree range for urine tests. This premixed urine is used to fill the sample cup.

Byrd Labs Drug-Free Powdered Urine is the very first anti-drug testing product ever invented. Developed in 1986, it has worked without fail, keeping people employed and passing their urine tests for decades.

Powdered urine requires some sleight of hand so some people prefer our small additive, Nuklear. Powdered urine is guaranteed drug-free and tests normally on adulteration tests. This popular seller has been used for over 30 years.